Rolling Thunder Part 19 - At the Track

The day has finally come! Project Rolling Thunder hits the racetrack! After nearly two and a half years of hard work, we're at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville tearing it up with our supercharged street and track Ranger!

Trucks! Paints a Bumper Fascia on '06 GMC - October, 2013

Trucks! Paints a Bumper Fascia on '06 GMC

October, 2013 / Pages 66-71

The 2006 GMC street truck project in the Trucks! shop has the performance and handling the guys were after, but the looks not quite there...

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  • Rolling Thunder Part 19 - At the Track

  • Diesel Power Upgrades

  • E-Force Supercharger Install

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  • Toyota Tundra Tech

  • Last Ride for C-10 & the GMC Sierra

  • Rolling Thunder Part 19 - At the Track

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  • Super Dually Part 11 - New Interior & Custom Bumpers!

  • Super Dually Part 10 - Wiring it Up!

  • 2006 GMC Shift Improvements & Rolling Thunder Paint!

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  • Diesel Power Upgrades

  • 1971 Chevy C-10 LQ4 Cam Swap!

  • 1971 Chevy C-10 Brake Upgrades, Bodywork & Painting Doors




Toyota Tundra Tech

We're showing you how to rebuild the IFS on a high mileage, second generation Tundra and getting it ready for some larger rolling stock! Then, we'll show you a new way to tune it!...


Last Ride for C-10 & the GMC Sierra

Both our 1971 C-10 and '06 GMC Sierra get a proper Trucks! payoff! We've finished all the modifications and upgrades and we're giving them one last test drive. Then we're traveling to Idaho to check out Bully Dog Performance....


Rolling Thunder Part 19 - At the Track

The day has finally come! Project Rolling Thunder hits the racetrack! After nearly two and a half years of hard work, we're at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville tearing it up with our supercharged street and track Ranger!...


Super Dually Part 11 - New Interior & Custom Bumpers!

Trucks! is cleaning up the interior and protecting the exterior on Project Super Dually. Inside, we're reviving the door panels and adding new carpet, then on the outside, we're adding some serious custom built bumpers!...


Super Dually Part 10 - Wiring it Up!

We're back on Project Super Dually! We're adding running lights and, getting our Ford head and tail lights to operate using our Dodge wiring harness!...


2006 GMC Shift Improvements & Rolling Thunder Paint!

Trucks! is adding a kit to improve the shifting in the 2006 GMC Sierra, and this time, we're not taking the transmission out of the truck! Then it's a new coat of paint and racing stripes for Rolling Thunder....


Diesel Power Upgrades

Today, we're adding a water/methanol injection kit to a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel to improve its towing performance! And, we're adding a cold air kit to Project Super Dually!...


1971 Chevy C-10 LQ4 Cam Swap!

Today, we're adding more horsepower and torque to our 1971 C-10's transplanted LQ4 engine by swapping out the cam! And, we're upgrading the valve train to take advantage of our new found power....


1971 Chevy C-10 Brake Upgrades, Bodywork & Painting Doors

It's time for an upgrade to the disc brakes on the 1971 C-10. Then, we're painting the new doors and doing a little bodywork to cover up the old gas hole....


Rolling Thunder Part 18 - On the Dyno!

We're putting the supercharged 4.6 "Aluminator" powered Ranger on the dyno for some engine tuning and to see just how much big power we're making with Project Rolling Thunder!...


1971 Chevy C-10 Differential & Window Upgrades

Trucks! shows you how to rebuild a limited slip differential and how to convert your vintage Chevy side windows to one piece glass!...


2006 GMC Nitrous Testing

We're strapping our newly nitrous equipped 2006 GMC Sierra to the dyno to see just how much more power we are making. Then, we're taking it to the drag strip for a real world test!...


1971 C-10 Suspension Upgrade

We're adding new truck arms, lowering springs, sway bars and rebuilding our front control arms on our 1971 Chevy C-10!...


1971 C-10 LS Test Drive

We're taking our 1971 Chevy C-10 out for a test drive with its newly installed LQ4 6 liter V-8! But first, we're doing a little suspension maintenance before we hit the road....


2006 GMC Dress Up!

We're dressing up our 2006 GMC Sierra by painting the front fascia and brake calipers. Then, we're going to visit the Bushwacker factory to see how they design and make some of the best flares in the business....


2006 GMC Nitrous Install!

We're installing a nitrous system in our 2006 GMS Sierra! This wallet friendly "power adder" is one of the simplest ways to gain more horsepower!...


1971 C-10 LS Engine Swap!

We're installing our freshly harvested 6.0 LS engine and its 4L80 transmission in our 1971 C-10. Then, we're relocating the gas tank to under the bed before installing our modified engine harness and firing it up....


Rolling Thunder Part 17 - First Time Fire Up!

Today, we're firing up our supercharged 4.6 "Aluminator" engine for the first time and we're going to show you how to find the center of gravity of your ride!...


Wyotech Shop Truck Build

Today, we're turning the Trucks! shop over to a team of WyoTech graduates, as they begin building the ultimate shop truck for their school! These grads are starting work on WyoTech's 1964 F-100 by upgrading the 390 FE V-8 with a new cam and intake....



E-Force Supercharger Install

We're adding Edelbrock's E-force supercharger to a 5.3 liter GMC with a little help from the guys at Lingenfelter. We'll show you how to make way more horsepower for towing or for just having a little more fun....


6 Liter LS Truck Engine Swap

Today, it's engine swap time with an 6 liter LS engine from a salvage GMC 2500. This engine will go into our 1971 C-10 Cheyenne and we'll show you how to extract and prepare the entire drivetrain for a truck heart transplant....


Nashville Good Guys Truck Show & Autocross

On this episode, Trucks! goes to the Good Guys Nashville Annual Car Show and Autocross to check out all the cool trucks, new products and deals in the swap meet. Then, the Trucks! team takes a turn on the autocross course with a little challenge between Kevin & Ryan....


1971 C-10 Cheyenne Door Replacement

Trucks! shows you how to do the easiest rust repair known to man, completely replacing the rusty panel with a brand new sheet metal one. Then a Kenworth big rig goes out for a little test drive....


Putting America Back to Work Part 2

We're finishing up our project to build a truck and trailer for tradesmen and contractors that will be auctioned off and all the proceeds will go to a non-profit organization that is helping put tradesmen back to work....


Putting America Back to Work Part 1

Trucks! is starting a new project to build an awesome truck and trailer combination for America's hard working tradesmen and contractors. When we're done, it will be auctioned off and all the proceeds will go to a non-profit organization helping put tradesmen back to work....


Dodge 2500 Helper Air Spring Install

We're adding helper air springs to a 2011 Dodge 2500 to help with towing and leveling loads in the bed....


Bilstein's Jeep Wrangler JK Giveaway Gets a Payoff!

Today on Trucks! we're taking out Bilstein's 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK to the trails to see how we did and to make sure it's ready to be given away to one of you lucky viewers. Then, we're doing the final assembly on our Project Rolling Thunder street and race truck....


Bilstein's Jeep Wrangler JK Giveaway Project

On Trucks! we're building up Bilstein's 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK by adding a lifted suspension and all sorts of new trail gear but, it's not for us, Bilstein is going to be giving it away to one of you lucky viewers!...


Jeep Comanche Three Link Suspension Upgrade

We're taking an already modified '89 Jeep Comanche and adding a custom three link front suspension and, we're upgrading the steering and shocks on this unique trail truck!...


Project: Rolling Thunder Part 16 - "Blankie" Front Bumper Fab

Kevin's taking his prized Christmas cozy "blankie" and turning it into a hard core custom race truck front bumper! Then we're gonna install it on Project Rolling Thunder- our 600 plus horsepower street legal race track ready Ford Ranger!...


For Sale: Engine Clean Up & Dress Up

Trucks! shows you how to clean up and dress up your old engine for less than $50- that way, you'll maximize the amount of money you pocket when you sell it....


Starter Rebuild & Modern Whitewalls

Today, we're showing you how to re-build one of the most abused parts of your truck, the starter. Then, we'll take a look at how modern whitewall are made and show you the correct way to measure your truck for backspace and offset before ordering new wheels and tires....


2006 GMC 1500 - A New Stance

We're lowering our totally stock 2006 GMC 1500 without changing the factory steering and we'll show you an easy way to remove worn-out ball joints before adding new shocks, wheels and tires to get our GMC looking and riding right....


Our "New" 1971 C-10 Cheyenne

We're on the hunt again, looking for a new project and it looks like we've found one! It's a 1971 Cheyenne C-10 that comes with lots of potential and even more gas guzzling, old school, big block horsepower!...


Buy a Used Truck!

The Trucks! guys are taking a trip to the dealership to show you what to look for when purchasing a used truck and to help make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck!...


Rolling Thunder Part 15 - Gauges & Dent Repair

We're adding a custom gauge display built from the Ranger's stock gauge cluster and we're repairing hail dents on our hood - the easy way!...


Super Dually Part 9 - Odds & Ends

Today Trucks! will be doing a lot of the necessary but tedious work on Project Super Dually, like hooking up the steering, the brakes, wiring and plumbing!...


Rolling Thunder Part 14 - Safety & Body Mods

Project Rolling Thunder is getting safer with an all new roll cage, racing seats and all the safety gear we need to hit the track. Then, we're doing body body mode to make room for our 295 - 35s up front....



ClasSix: Part 11 - Payoff!

The day has finally come! We're taking our '49 Chevy, Project ClasSix, out on the road to see how our straight six powered, "vintage" looking truck performs....


Project: Rolling Thunder Part 13 - Heat Insulation & Exhaust

Project Rolling Thunder is getting a layer of heat insulation under the cab to cutdown the heat from our new exhaust system....


Offroad Payoff x 2!

Today, we're taking our completed Wrangler LJ out for an off road payoff to see how our upgrades worked and we're taking our reworked Tacoma along to see how if stacks up to the Wrangler!...


Super Dually Part 8

Project: SuperDually gets new a new steering shaft, headlights and under hood paint....


Project ClasSix Part: 10 - Interior & Exhaust

Project ClasSix is getting an new interior makeover that matches it's style and only costs about a hunderd bucks! Then, we'll make and install an inexpensive parts store glass-pak exhaust!...


Jeep Wrangler Off-Road Upgrades! Part 3

Today, we're adding some trail protection along with new seats and better exhaust to our Wrangler LJ then, we'll flex it out to test our new long arm suspension system....


Project Rolling Thunder Part 12 - Fuel, Electical & Cooling Ducts!

Trucks! is back on Project Rolling Thunder and we're adding power and fuel lines in the chassis and making our own custom aero body mods for style and for brake cooing....


Jeep Wrangler Off-Road Upgrades! Part 2

Today on Trucks! We're back on our Wrangler Unlimited to upgrade the stock front and rear axles with lower gears, locking differentials and upgraded axles shafts....


Extended 'Coma Part 2: Adding a Turbo!

Trucks! is adding more power to their 2000 Toyota Tacoma by adding a Turbo kit then adding some off road protection in the form of rock rails. Plus doing an easy modification called the "grey wire mod" for better traction!...


Air-over-leaf Suspension Install!

We're adding a hybrid air-over-leaf suspension kit to a work truck and doing some vintage looking door lettering on Project ClasSix!...


Project ClasSix Rides Again!

On this episode of Trucks!, we're taking a trip to Bay One Customs to check out their shop and test drive some pretty cool truck projects they've done and, we're checking out the custom work they've done on our Project ClasSix....


Jeep Wrangler Off-Road Upgrades

We're doing some driveway upgrades to Jeep's Wrangler including adding a lift kit and bigger wheels and tires to make this Jeep more off-road capable....


Search & Restore Rig Upgrades!

Today we're doing more upgrades to the Search & Restore F-350 as they prepare to travel across the nation to pick up their next project! We're adding air assist bags and a larger fuel tank to make the trip a little easier and more comfortable....


Project Rolling Thunder Part 11 - Body Work Secrets

Today, it's old school "altered" body work for Project Rolling Thunder! Ryan has pushed our racetrack Ford Ranger's front axle forward by 6 inches, so it's up to Kevin to make the fenders fit!...


ClasSix Part 8: Drivetrain Installation

We're reinstalling our HorsePower TV rebuilt Blue Flame 6 engine and a new Automatic Overdrive transmission in our classic '49 Chevy 3100 half-ton Project ClasSix....


Rolling Thunder Part 10: Suspension Design & Driveline Installation

We're designing and installing a completely new front end suspension then, installing the drivetrain and the relocated fuel cell....


Super Dually Part 7: Retrofitting Cooling and Driver Controls

We're continuing the "mash up" of our '79 F-350 and our '97 Ram 2500 by retrofitting the cooling systems and the driver controls to our Project Super Dually....


Extended 'Coma Part 1: New Timing Belt & Stock Test Drive

We're starting a brand new project by tuning up a 2000 Toyota Tacoma, then taking it out for a test drive to see how tough it is in stock form....


Ford F-350 Dually Upgrades

We're making some upgrades to Ford's newly re-designed F-350 Dually....



2011 Ford Super Duty - (Search & Restore Truck Hauler)

We're putting a few miles on a new F-350 to check out the new 6.7 liter diesel. Then, we're going to add a gooseneck hitch and make a big announcement on what we're doing with the truck!...


Super Dually Part 6: A New Coat of Paint!

Today SUPER DUALLY is under the gun! The body swapped F350 finally gets to wear its permanent colors!...


ClasSix Part 7: Custom Grill - Budget Style

The Trucks! crew visits Advanced Plating, who survived the Nashville floods and is back better than ever! And project ClasSix gets some affordable style to boot!...


Rolling Thunder Part 9: Sheet Metal Transformation

Today on TRUCKS! we change our Mazda B2500 into a Ford Ranger... with a sheetmetal transformation!...


Das Bronco Payoff

Today, we put the finishing touches on Das Bronco, making it even tougher! Another day of wheeling proves that this truck is better than ever!...


More Das Bronco Upgrades Part: 2

We'll show you how Project Das Bronco's brand new electrical and mechanical gauges work, then making the 460 big block rumble by adding new headers, mufflers & an exhaust system....


Super Dually Part 5: Sound Insulation & Bedliner Installation

We're spraying sound insulation inside the massive cab of Super Dually to help with the noise and adding a DIY spray-on in bed liner to the bed....


Rolling Thunder Part 8: Drivetrain Install & Chassis Improvements

We're installing our supercharged Cobra engine and six speed transmission in Rolling Thunder and stiffening the frame....


More Das Bronco Upgrades

We'll show you how Project Das Bronco's brand new electrical and mechanical gauges work, then making the 460 big block rumble by adding new headers, mufflers & an exhaust system....


Rolling Thunder Part 7: Independent Rear Suspension Install & Upgrade

We're putting a Supercharged Cobra Engine in our Ranger based pickup and installing a Cobra IRS setup....


Trucks! Shop Tour

We're taking you on a tour of the entire Trucks! shop and showing you all the tools we've got to work on our projects....


Trucks! All Star Auto Body Thrash

We've got seven of the very best custom car builders in the nation helping us take Project Super Dually from a rough shell to a primed and ready to paint truck.... in just one show!...


Gary Allan's Bronco & Das Bronco Upgrades

We're taking a ride with country music star Gary Allan in his 1976 Bronco and do a hydraulic steering upgrade to Project Das Bronco....


Towing Test & Rolling Thunder Part 6

We're doing a test for towing improvements using a tuner and we're picking out a new ride height for Project Rolling Thunder....


ClasSix: Part 6

We're converting our "faux"-tina painted 1949 Chevy from a three window to a five window fish bowl with some aftermarket glass and replacement sheet metal....


Rolling Thunder Part 5: Stage 1 Payoff

We're hitting the streets with Project Rolling Thunder, our 4.6 Liter powered Ford Ranger based compact pickup to see just how our new drive train motivates this "Mini Lightning"!...


Matco Tools Expo: Cancun, Mexico

We're off to sunny Cancun, Mexico to check out the latest and greatest tools at the Matco Tool Expo and we're hanging out with our Matco friends....


Rolling Thunder Part 4: Fire it Up!

Today we'll be firing up our 4.6 liter V-8 in Project Rolling Thunder and we'll show you the budget approach to rebuilding your alternator....


Rolling Thunder Part 3: Under Hood Details

Now that our 4.6 liter V-8 fits between the frame rails of Project Rolling Thunder, we've got to move a few things around to make sure we can close the hood....


Work Truck Renewal

Today we're going to show you how to freshen up your tired old work truck to make it look better inside and out so, your rolling office can be a nicer place to work....


Rolling Thunder Part 2: Engine Fitment

Today we'll make engine mounts for our 4.6 liter V-8 that's going into Project Rolling Thunder and we're making some more room under the hood to house our new stable of 300 plus horses....


Rolling Thunder Part 1: Disassembly

Today we're kicking off a brand new project to wedge a Ford dual overhead cam 4.6 liter V-8 into a 2001 'Ranger' based truck to build a smaller version of Ford's Lighting. Since "Mini Lightening" doesn't sound that tough, we're calling this Project - Rolling Thunder!...


Daily Driver C-10 Part 9: Payoff!

The day has finally come for us to take our Daily Driver 1966 Chevy C-10 out of the shop and hit the road to see how much better this nearly 45 year old truck rides and handles. Now, this C-10 still has its classic looks but underneath, it's got through a whole transformation with an air suspension and more powerful drive train!...



A Look Back, a Look Ahead

We've got our recent projects in the shop to catch you up on what we've done lately and we'll be showing you a glimpse of our new projects....


ClasSix: Part 5: Faux-Tina

We're painting our '49 Chevy with brushes and a roller to create a look that takes mother nature 50 years to create....


ClasSix: Part 4: 1950's Custom Body Mods

We're doing retro styled body mods including "Frenching" our headlights and "Tunneling" our taillights....


Good Guys Nashville Nationals

We're checking out the cool show trucks, running the autocross and finding the bargains in the swap meet area at this yearly show in Nashville....


Cheep Cherokee Part 8: Final Payoff

We're taking our finished Cheep Cherokee to Kentucky's Black Mountain Off Road Park to see what it can do once and for all!...


Super Dually Part 4: Power & Clutch Upgrades

We're adding power to our 5.9 Cummins with a new fuel plate and dropping in a brand new, heavy duty clutch....


Daily Driver C-10 Part 8: Final Details

We're tying up some the remaining loose ends on our 1966 Chevy C-10 to get it ready to finally hit the road....


ClasSix: Part 3

We'll continue our suspension upgrade on Project ClasSix by adding a rear four link setup....


ClasSix: Part 2

Our classic 1949 Chevy 3100 goes under the knife to get a better front suspension that you can build yourself....


Daily Driver C-10 Part 7: Glass Repair & Gauge Cluster Rebuild

We're saving money by reviving the original glass in our 1966 Chevy C-10 and restoring the OE gauge cluster....


Cheep Cherokee Part 7: Short Arm to Long Arm Conversion

We're converting the suspension on Project: Cheep Cherokee from a "short arm" to "long arm" system for a better handling on the road and more suspension flex off road....


Super Dually Part 3: Frame Modification and Body Fitment

We're modifying our 1997 Dodge frame by moving the engine back nearly 6 inches before bolting our 1979 F-350 body to it....


PCM Tuner Fuel Mileage Test & Daily Driver C-10 Part 6: Interior Installation

We'll test a new engine tuner to see just how far we can go on a single gallon of gas and we'll get the interior into our 1966 Chevy C-10....


Super Dually Part 2: Body Swap & Frame Repair

We'll straighten out our 1997 Dodge frame before setting our 1979 Ford F-350 body on it....


Daily Driver C-10 Part 5: Final Assembly

Our shortened 1966 Chevy C-10 is all painted and we'll show you how to completely re-assemble the entire truck without a scratch!...


Second Chance Silverado Part 4: Upgrades

Our Second Chance Silverado is back this week and is set to get a leveling kit and upgrades in the power, suspension and wheels and tire departments....


Cheep Cherokee Part 6: Budget Stroker Reassembly

Project Cheep Cherokee's back in the shop so we can do a budget bore and stroke on our four liter straight six for more power. And, we'll show you how to create more displacement and let it breathe better by port matching the intake and cylinder head....


Super Dually Part 1

Our third new project of the season will result in a diesel tow rig by combining both old and new, Ford and Dodge. A modern Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel Powered chassis and a classic 1970's Ford 4 door Crew Cab body for a "modern" tow rig and a vintage look....


ClasSix Part 1

Our retro 1949 Chevy 3100 is not only going to end up with a great new look, its power plant will be Chevy's vintage straight six. And, just to see what this 60 year old design has to offer, we'll start off with a road test....


Second Chance Silverado Part 3: Color Match Painting

With our Silverado the right shape, it's time to make it the right color again. We'll show you how to paint only the parts you need to and how to blend the color for a seamless and invisible repair so no one can tell what's new from what's original....


Second Chance Silverado Part 2: Dent Repair and Paint Prep

Our 2001 Chevy Silverado is sporting replacement body panels, now it's time to fix up a dented passenger door and get the truck ready for paint. We'll show you how to mud, sand and prime to get your rig ready for a seamless, color match paint job!...


Cheep Cherokee Part 5: Budget Stroker

Cheep Cherokee returns and we do our first ever 4-wheel drive chassis dyno test to see what kind of power our stock 6 cylinder makes. Then, we'll show an inexpensive way to bore and stroke the engine to get more power out of Jeep's 4 liter straight six....


Second Chance Silverado Part 1

We rescued this 2001 Chevy Silverado from being 'parted out' by an auto recycler to begin transforming it into a sharp everyday street truck. Today we'll tackle replacing the damaged body panels with an eye to spending as little as possible....



HRT & Ron Covell Metal Shaping Lesson

We'll get you up caught up on all the work we've done to Project HRT since you saw it last and we're getting it ready for one of you lucky PowerBlock viewers to win our Hot Rod Truck. Then one of the very best metal crafters ever, Ron Covell, stops by the shop to teach us how to make our own handmade and very unique air intake for HRT....


Liquid Propane Conversion

This week, Trucks! explores the use of alternative fuels to ease the pain at the pump. Kevin and Ryan take a brand new Ford F-150 and with the help of Roush Performance, convert it to run on liquid propane. They'll be using the same clean burning fuel that cooks your hamburgers and hot dogs and most importantly, costs less than gasoline. ...


C-10 Daily Driver Part 4

Today, we're back on our 1966 C-10 - Project Daily Driver and we're painting it with an all new environmentally friendly painting system that's a "greener" way to paint, no matter what color you're using....


Tall Tundra

In this show, Import trucks are hot and today we're taking a new Toyota Tundra and turning it into one mean daily driver that can also take on the trails....


MuscleTrux Part 7

In this show, it's finally time to lay it on the line as we put the first two trucks in our MuscleTrux series up against each other in head to head competition. We're scoring this Ford versus Chevy battle on everything from flat out performance to road manner and even to good looks....


Grand Cherokee Part 3

In this show, it's payday for our Project 5 Grand Cherokee. We're taking our '98 ZJ out of the mall parking lot and going to some of the roughest trails this upscale Jeep has ever scene....


Project Crash'em up Truck

In this show, we're going to a truck demolition derby and you won't believe just how much abuse a truck can take! Then, it's back to the shop to show you all the secrets that make these derby trucks so tough!...


Grand Cherokee Part 2

In this show, it's back to work on our Project 5 Grand Cherokee. First we're cutting out room for our new suspension flex and showing you how to keep the factory look for cheap and we're adding some heavy duty rocker skids, homemade bumpers and a tire rack. And then, it's a new trucks project inspired by a demolition derby!...


MuscleTrux Part 6

In this show, we've got more MuscleTrux wars! It's a chassis dyno shootout to see what kind of power our sport trucks are making. Then, we'll check out what's hot and what's cool at the Nashville Goodguys show and finally, it's sanding and buffing tech that'll give your truck a mirror finish....


5 Grand Cherokee Part 1

Project Cheep Cherokee was a big hit this season so, we're taking it up a notch with our 5 Grand Cherokee project. We're taking a 1998 Grand Cherokee out of its mundane "grocery getter" life and jacking it skyward with a 5.5-inch long travel lift kit, some cool junk yard upgrades and bigger wheels and tires that are better suited to this ...


MuscleTrux Part 5

Ryan returns fire as his 1990 Chevy 454 SS also gets dropped down into the weeds with its very own lowering kit, new brakes, wheels and tires. Matching stance for stance with Kevin's Lightning, Ryan's getting his big block Chevy ready to go head to head with the Ford in our MuscleTrux series. Also, we'll show you how to breathe new life i...


MuscleTrux Part 4

It's another shot in our MuscleTrux series as Kevin's 1994 Ford Lightning prepares for battle by getting a suspension overhaul with a lowering kit, new brakes, and much better tires. It's a new found stance and new found handling to let Kevin take advantage of all his new found power from his tailpipe turbo setup....


Cheep Cherokee Part 4

It's been one of our least expensive projects ever and now that it's done, we're taking our Project Cheep Cherokee out to Kentucky's beautiful Land Between the Lakes Recreation Area for some off-road fun and challenge! We'll roll over everything from the highway to get there to the roughest dirt trails and even take on the boulder strewn ...


Haulin' S-10 Part 7

Our Project Haulin' S-10 started out to be a street & strip truck but, somewhere along the way, our machine became much more strip than street. So today, we're dumping the rest of the slow parts and adding a looser torque convertor, steeper rear end gears and a trans-brake so we can go back to the track and really turn up the wick on our ...


Cheep Cherokee Part 3

We're getting our Project Cheep Cherokee ready for the trails and since it needs some better legs to stand on, we're adding a lift kit and swapping in our new junk yard 8.8 inch rear axle. Then up front, we'll upgrade our differential and get our XJ riding on much bigger wheels and tires....


Project HRT Part 5

Today we're painting Project HRT! First, we'll plan out what makes for a great looking and timeless paint job and then it's off to the booth to spray more than a dozen different layers of paint. And after that, we'll put all the pieces back together to make metal, fiberglass and paint become Project HRT and it's wearing the coolest paint ...


Cheep Cherokee Part 2

We're back to working on our project "Cheap Cherokee" and we're making our own bumpers with one of the coolest tools we've ever had in our shop. Then, we're off to Orlando Florida for Matco's Tool Expo and we're taking our Cherokee with us. We're not only going to get some great help on our Cherokee but, we'll also be checking out some of...


C-10 Daily Driver Part 3

It's the return of our cherry 1966 Chevy C-10 and we'll show you not only how to fix those nasty rust spots with patch panels, we're even going to show you some metal shaping tips so you can make your own panels. And, we'll show you a cheap, effective and very environmentally safe way to blast off old paint....


Project HRT Part 4

Today it's back to work on our Hot Rod Truck - Project HRT. First our frame will be turned into a work of art by one our favorite custom shops and then back in the shop, we'll start planning out the right interior for this awesome '37 Ford....


Cheep Cherokee Part 1

We're taking a wrecked 1988 Jeep Cherokee and fixing it for as little money as possible. We'll show you how to inspect the damage and how to pull the frame back into shape the right way. Then, we'll give it a face lift with some updated sheet metal. In fact, we're spending so little on this project we're calling it our "Cheep Cherokee"....


MuscleTrux Part 3: 1994 Ford Lightning

It's Blue Oval boy Kevin's turn to take over the shop and kick Ryan out as he takes a radical approach to more power by turbocharging his V-8. Hidden under the bed, a tailpipe turbo spins up the boost while bigger fuel injectors and a new fuel management system pump up the power on this big red Ford....


MuscleTrux Part 2: 1990 Chevrolet 454 SS

Bowtie boy Ryan's got a big play for using big displacement to make big power for his entry in our first MuscleTrux series matchup. Kevin's not allowed in the shop as Ryan's adding new heads, a new valve train, a pro-flo EFI throttle body, and intake to his 454 to wake up the potential in this big V-8....


MuscleTrux Part 1

It's the start of our all new MuscleTrux series and to kick it off, it's the oldest matchup in the book, Ford versus Chevy. Ryan's taking a 1990 454 SS Chevy while Kevin's picking a '94 Ford Lightning. Today, we're gonna find out just how much these two trucks will put out in their stock form so each guy can formulate a secret plan to p...



The Year in Review

We'll take a look back at all the awesome projects and payoffs from the past year including YJ Resurrection, DasBronco, Project HRT and Haulin' S-10. Then, we'll take a look forward to what's to come from the hearts, heads and hands of the Trucks! team. It's gonna be a great 2008!...


Body Work for Project HRT

With the driveline in place, now it's time to work on the body of our Hot Rod Truck project and you'll want to pay close attention because this truck's skin is made of fiberglass not metal. Don't worry, glass work is not as hard as you think and we'll show just how it's done....


New Stuff for a New Truck!

More and more manufactures are beginning to offer an almost endless variety of part to customize your new truck before you even leave the showroom. We'll show you how to make your truck uniquely yours including some gadgets you won't believe and you can roll the cost of these upgrades right into your truck payment!...


Work Truck Workout

Today we'll show you one of easiest ways to boost power in your everyday work truck. It's literally "plug & play" power that provides more horses and we'll put our truck on the dyno to prove it!...


A Train for Project HRT

Today, Project Hot Rod Truck gets it's drivetrain in the form of a hot small block Ford V8, a 6 speed manual transmission, a one piece driveshaft and a bullet proof rear end. It's a driveline guaranteed to smoke Project HRT's massive 22 inch wide rear tires!...


Haulin' S-10 Hauls Butt!

Today we finally unleash Haulin' S-10 on one of our favorite tracks! We'll recap the entire project from start to finish then hit one of the best 1/8 mile drag strips anywhere to shake her down. Then, we'll work on finding the right combination to see just how quick and fast this street and strip rocket will go!...


An Avalanche Goes Up

Today we're taking a stock Chevy Avalanche and raising it up to give it a better stance and a much better look. We'll also give it new wheels and tires and a power upgrade that's so easy - it's "plug and play". Finally, with some TV magic, we'll mock up some stripes on Project Haulin' S-10 to see what looks best when it comes to a graphic...


C-10 Goes "On The Air"

Today, we'll take you out of the shop to two of the best places around and have our 1966 Chevy C-10's frame media blasted and powdercoated. Then, it's back to the shop to install a brand new air suspension that will make our '66 C-10 ride better than a brand new truck!...


A Lowered Denali & Rewinding

Today on Trucks! we're gonna use an air suspension kit to get a brand new GMC Denali rolling close to the ground and riding on 24 inch wheels. Then, it's what you guys asked for, a segment where we "Rewind" the tape back to a past build and show you more detail on how we solved a past problem. This week, it's fixing the dented up fender ...


Starting Project Hot Rod Truck

Today, we're starting a project to build an awesome 1937 Ford! We'll show you our plans to build a tricked out Hot Rod Truck that'll be lowered, chopped, loud and just plain old cool....


Ryan Paints Haulin' S-10

There's a first time for everything and today we're proving your first paint job can be great! Kevin's walking Ryan through his first paint job ever as Ryan sprays primer, paint and a clear coat on our 10 second drag truck Haulin' S-10!...


Firing Up Haulin' S-10

Hold your ears! Today we're putting the fuel and a big spark our blown 355 in Project Haulin' S-10! We'll plumb the fuel system, run all the wiring harnesses and make contact on our 600 plus horsepower blown V-8 for the first time!...


Launching Das Bronco

It's judgment day on the high sea's well, at least on the highway as we roll project Das Bronco out of dry dock to wage war against any off road trails that may challenge our 460 cubic inch powered low buck Bronco. Then we'll get one step closer to getting Project "Haulin' S-10" ready for the drag strip....


One-Half a C-10

You won't believe it but, we're taking a 1966 Chevy C-10 and cutting it in half! We're not crazy; we're starting a project to convert this long bed classic into a more desirable short bed....


Return of Body Bag

We're bringing one of your favorite projects back from last year. "Body Bag" our frame dragging, spark throwing mini-truck returns to get some awesome suicide doors and some radical sheet metal work for this "creepy" mini-truck. And then, we'll take you to the refinery to show you how racing motor oil is made and it's a lot more involved ...


Two Blowers Per Show

We're taking our 500 plus horsepower blown Roush Stage 3 F-150 out on the road to unleash it's inner "Lightning" and then we'll do some braking tests to see just how effective aftermarket pads and rotors can be over stock. And then, it's the return of our drag truck Haulin' S-10 for even more big, bad, blown power. We're wedging in a 600...


Lightning Strikes Again

Where did the Lightning go? Since Ford doesn't make their popular muscle truck any more, we're taking things into our own hands with the help of Roush Performance. First we'll do a test drive of Ford's 2007 F-150 and let you know what we think about it. Then, it's back in the shop to add a supercharger and all the right speed parts to mak...


Das Bronco Will Dazzle You

We hit our stride with our low buck Bronco project as we smooth out some of the rough spots on the body and build in a do-it-yourself roll cage for a little protection. Then for less than $200 we're gonna paint this old Ford in a way you'd never expect! It's a radical but inexpensive paint job that'll christen this low buck buildup, Das B...


Low Buck Bronco Gets Big Power

Our Bronco is back and we're working over the junkyard 460 big block we got with our Bronco for maximum torque. After that, we're going to get the frame up in the air with a new lift kit and 37in tall tire, then we'll mate the body back on the chassis to get this behemoth ready for some more low buck work....


A Bronco On the Cheap

It's the start of our low buck Bronco build up as we drag a somewhat complete 1979 Ford Bronco out of a field and strip it down to the chassis in the Trucks! shop. We'll begin bringing it back to life by spending as little money as possible to make this Bronco an awesome weekend warrior that we don't mind bouncing off a few trees!...


Haulin' S-10 Part 1

We're tearing apart one of our favorite projects as Project S-10K, our budget muscle truck, gets chopped up so we can start transforming it into a full on, four-linked, supercharged, 600 plus horsepower Pro Street truck with a brand new name, Haulin' S-10!...


YJ Redemption

We're taking our Project YJ Resurrection to some of the roughest trails around for a lot of fun and a little abuse. With its new 350 powerplant, we know we've added more grunt than the stock axles on our 1987 YJ can take. But, in case we break it, we'll just drag our YJ back to the shop and add the kind of hardware that'll give our jeep t...


2007 Silverado Buildup

Today we've got our hands on one of Chevy's new Silverado's. Well put it to the test and tell you what we really think about it. Then we'll accessorize it turning it into a good looking work truck without voiding the warrantee. After that, we'll show you an easy rust removal trick that will give your grinder the day off....



2006 Season: Year in Review

The guys take a look back over the past season to revisit some of favorite Trucks! how-to segments and their favorite mud slinging, tire burning and frame dragging payoffs....


Project Old Skool Part 8: Our Re-born 1953 F-100 Hits the Streets

The big day is finally here. Project Old Skool hits the streets as we finally get to take our newly re-born hot rod truck out and show it off....


Project Old Skool Part 7: Final Touches

Project Old Skool is ready for the finishing touches. In this episode, we add a lot of chrome details and a brand new wood bed to our 1953 F-100. We'll also take a trip to Advanced Plating to show you where we get all our custom chrome work done....


Project Old Skool Part 6: Almost Done!

Project Old Skool is getting something it didn't get at the factory - air conditioning! We'll also add and new radiator, carpet and a new bench seat worthy of Old Skool....


Project Jeep YJ: Part 2

In this episode, with the power taken care of, we'll continue our Jeep YJ buildup by getting it up in the air where it belongs with an 8in lift and 37in tires....


Supercharged F-150

Banks is known for their diesel power, but now, their invading the gas market. In this episode, the Trucks! guys will install their new gas power package into a Ford F-150 and top it off with a supercharger....


Project Jeep YJ: Part 1

We're taking what is considered one of the least desirable Jeeps and making it a true off-road machine. We'll replace a worn out straight 6 with a re-built fuel injected 350 V-8. All this, with a real world budget in mind....


"Project Body Bag" Part 2: We Literally Hit the Road to Spray a Shower of Sparks!

Our super low Nissan King Cab gets its air bags along with the entire air system to raise her up and down. Then rolling on our 20s, we'll tuck'em under Bodybag to drop the frame on the pavement to shoot more sparks than the 4th of July!...


Project Old Skool Part 5: Installing AC in a Classic Truck!

Get the low down on installing an after market air conditioning system in a nostalgic F-100 hot rod pickup. Plus the guys drop in their dual quad 350 and give you tips on adding brake upgrades!...


"Project Body Bag" Part 1: Building a Wild Mini Street Truck!

The guys visit a custom mini truck shop and come away with dark inspiration for their first project, a super low Nissan King Cab with Toyota axle, bags, 4 link, big hoops and mandatory spark plate!...


Project Old Skool Part 4: Painting a Classic Hot Rod Truck!

Our '53 F-100 is ready for body and fender work. Kevin shows how-to prep and shoot fiberglass and steel parts. Also we'll show how-to hang fenders, running boards and a custom bed. Last but not least, the guys go into detail on how-to paint a cab!...


Project Old Skool Part 3: Tons of Truck How-Tos!

This show is packed with info: how-to rebuild a GM 10 bolt rear with posi-traction, building a stainless exhaust, hanging fenders, installing a custom bed and how-to determine wheel offset!...


Project Old Skool Part 2: We Build our Own Crate Engine!

After road testing Project S10-K, the guys return to Project Old School building the drive train... an O'reilly reman 350 with an Edelbrock top end kit, dual quads and a Bowler 4L60E transmission!...


Stealth F-150 4x4

Think all tall, lifted trucks are slow? No way! Today, the guys are transforming a stock 2006 F-150 into a dual purpose on and off road 4 x 4 by lifting it 6 inches. Then, they're getting better gas mileage by adding electronic upgrades that can also make 400 horsepower! And finally, we're adding some really cool fender flares and 35" tal...


"Project S10-K" Part 4: Cab Repair, Aero Kit & Two Tone Paint!

With the drive train done, the guys start on cab repair doing the body work and priming without a welder or a spray gun! Then a custom body kit and cowl hood get hung and painted in two-tone!...


Part Three of Project S-10K

Kevin and Paul button up their budget V8 engine swap with a bigger fuel injection, hotter computer, electrical fans and a fabricated exhaust. It won't be easy to finish this project on budget....


Project Old Skool

This week on Trucks! it's the start of project Old School. We're taking Ford's classic F-100 and turning it into one mean daily driver. Plus one of the most famous Ford's ever, BIGFOOT! Catch all the action on this episode of Trucks!...


Project "Working Man"

We're adding a safe, sane 100 horses to a 2005 GMC Duramax diesel and it won't break the bank at the pump! It's the Banks PowerPack system from Gale Banks Engineering. Extreme 4x4's Ian Johnson joins Kevin Tetz as our guest wrench while Paul Vinson and Jessi Combs are out looking for a new project truck....


Sport Truck On 'Roids -- Our Chevy S-10 Gets The V-8 It Should Have Had!

Project S-10K continues with the insertion of a GM 350CID V-8 crate engine in the former V-6 engine bay. The Trucksters show you all the steps to make this work -- from re-using the stock front pulleys and driveshaft to fitting headers and a new torque converter. With 300HP and 326 lb-ft of torque now at the ready, this will have plenty o...


Mr. Personality -- Jeep C-J Mods & Low-Buck Paint Secrets! Low-Buck Paint Secrets

The Jeep platform has been around since before Paul & Kevin were born, so they want to give its stodgy look some performance personality. Like they both have, in spades. They are going to dress it up and take it out and go! Follow their installing Edge Products hard parts and electronics to snap the engine awake. Then the stock wheels and...

Trucks! Paints a Bumper Fascia on '06 GMC - October, 2013

Trucks! Paints a Bumper Fascia on '06 GMC

October, 2013 / Pages 66-71

The 2006 GMC street truck project in the Trucks! shop has the performance and handling the guys were after, but the looks not quite there...

Modernize Your Classic Truck - April, 2013

Modernize Your Classic Truck

April, 2013 / Pages 38-44

We had a clean 1971 C10 sitting aroudn the Trucks! shop, and while it was cool, the lumbering big block was not good on gas, and compared to today's...

Build A Better Blankie Bumper - January, 2013

Build A Better Blankie Bumper

January, 2013 / Pages 64-72

The stock front bumper on Project Rolling Thunder is just not very cool. It is a mix of steel and plastic and it looks, well...stock. After searching...

Lowering a '06 Sierra 2WD Pickup - December, 2012

Lowering a '06 Sierra 2WD Pickup

December, 2012 / Pages 10-19

So you have a stock, late model GM truck and are tired of it looking like every other farm truck in the ranch store parking lot. What are you going to...

Classy Chassis - June, 2011

Classy Chassis

June, 2011 / Pages 54-61

Ok, we're going over the top. We admit that. What started life as a mild-mannered 2001 Mazda B2500 pickup (based on the Ford Ranger, known in Ford tru...

Running as an Independent - April, 2011

Running as an Independent

April, 2011 / Pages 52-60

The premise is to take a 2001 Mazda B2500 series truck (AKA Ford Ranger) add a modular V8 Ford engine and keep the truck within a couple of hundred po...

Trucks! Special Edition - February, 2011

Trucks! Special Edition

February, 2011 / Pages 1-77

It's an all Trucks! Special Edition packed with great how-to and features from Trucks!...

Big Block Bronco Steering Upgrade - January, 2011

Big Block Bronco Steering Upgrade

January, 2011 / Pages 20-26

We built the Bronco as a mostly single-minded vehicle built to tackle the trails and occasional mud hole. So far, the '79 has exceeded our ex-pectati...

Superdually Thrash - November, 2010

Superdually Thrash

November, 2010 / Pages 8-15

What if you could assemble seven of the best bodywork specialists in the business to finish your project? What if you only had five days-because that ...

Cheap Truck Tricks - September, 2010

Cheap Truck Tricks

September, 2010 / Pages 8-18

Work truck. We all, at one time or another, have had need of a work truck. Not a poser or a wannabe, but a solid dependable iron muscled vehicle to ha...

Get Frenched - July, 2010

Get Frenched

July, 2010 / Pages 58-66

Most of us weren't around in the '50s. Moreover, while bobby socks, school books and "Leave it to Beaver" were the norm for Americana, other things we...

The End of Chevy C10 - May, 2010

The End of Chevy C10

May, 2010 / Pages 30-45

The C10 Chevy is, next to the early round bodies, one of the most iconic work trucks of the 20th century. Therefore, we felt it would be an awesome sl...

Fauxtina Your Ride - March, 2010

Fauxtina Your Ride

March, 2010 / Pages 34-42

For years, the secret to a cool ride, be it Street Rod, Restomod, or a stocker was a super-slick, shave-yourface-in-it finish. Good paintjobs like thi...


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HP Shop Parts

Images for all of the Trucks! shop parts.
  1. Matco Tools

    The shop is stock with a full set of Matco hand tools, shop equipment, and diagnostic equipment.

    Phone: 888-696-2826
  2. Kundel Crane

    Machinery in the way, with Kundel's cranes free standing post that is not a problem. Kundel's open ended crane design means no cross braces to block access into the work area.

    Phone: 888-696-2826
  3. Torchmate CNC Cutting System

    Torchmate CNC cutting machines are the result of clever design. Integrated with your existing personal computer, and internet it is perfect for small shop owners, metal art enthusiasts, ornamental iron works, wrought iron furniture makers, garden art dealers, street rod chassis builders, and others on limited budgets.

    Phone: 866-571-1066
  4. Patton's Nitrogen Generator

    Patton's nitrogen storage tank for distribution in the shop to supply inert nitrogen gas for airing-up of tires and other applications.

    Phone: 704-523-4122
  5. Patton's Air Compressor & Dryer

    The shop has a full-sized industrial-strength, heavy-duty unit from Patton (left) that never falters no matter how much we tax it. They remove moisture -- allowing clean, cool air to flow. The result is an efficient compressed air system that reduces energy costs and eliminates clogged pipes and valves. The MuscleCar shop has this unit plumbed in to insure efficiency and longevity.

    Phone: 704-523-4122
  6. Patton's Nitrogen Generator

    Patton's Inc. nitrogen generator (right) and nitrogen storage tank (left) for distribution in the shop to supply inert nitrogen gas for stabilized airing-up of off-road tires and other applications.

    Phone: 704-523-4122
  7. Patton's Compressed Air Piping

    All the PowerBlock shows use Patton's Infinity compressed air pipe to route air wherever it's needed. It is 100% metal, non-corrosive, has high-flow rates and low pressure losses because it is smooth-bore tubing, and has a 10-year leak free guarantee on materials. Easy assembly and disconnect with solid nickel plated couplings.

    Phone: 704-523-4122
  8. Col-Met Paint Booth

    Every painting project gets the benefit of the Col-Met full-sized downdraft paint booth. Constructed of 18-gauge steel, its highly efficient fans pull clean air down and filters it out the sides. Extra-clean and safe paint jobs result.

    Phone: 888-452-6684
  9. Blast-It-All Shop Cabinet

    Sturdy shop blasting cabinet available in 700 or 900 cfm versions to handle all your abrasive media needs.

    Phone: 800-535-2612
  10. Light Racing Dies

    These flared hole dies are designed to eliminate edge tearing even when used on high strength 4130 chromoly sheet (normalized condition), with laser cut holes (hardened edges). Manufactured from premium hardened high carbon steel for maximum life, and useable up to a max sheet thickness of 0.090-in. for chromoly and 0.125-in for mild steel.

    Phone: 800-525-6505
  11. Powder-X Powder Coating

    The shop uses powder coating materials and equipment from Powder-X, as do all the shops on the PowerBlock --they are the Official Powder Coating Equipment of the PowerBlock. Powder coating produces a high quality and extremely durable finish, and Powder-X can outfit a small shop or a full industrial operation with their complete powder coating systems.

    Phone: 866-326-4840
  12. RaceDeck Modular Garage Flooring

    RaceDeck is the premier manufacturer of interlocking modular garage flooring. No tedious or chemical garage floor prepping and painting -- just snap in place your 12-in or 18-in garage tiles to cover your work space. Easy to clean by hosing off, and the tiles aren't affected by chemical or petroleum products or UV.

    Phone: 800-457-0174
  13. Safety-Kleen Parts Washer

    The Safety-Kleen sink-on-a-drum parts washer is indispensable in the shop. It has a fusible link cover, flexible metal spigot, and lamp. When we wash parts in the sink basin, the cleaning fluid drains into the drum below and is recirculated.

    Phone: 800-669-5740
  14. Official Hardware-The Industrial Depot

    Full line distributor of fasteners, including standard bolts & nuts, or hard to find, made to print items. Over 35 years of fastener experience.

    Phone: 866-729-9925
  15. Volunteer Welding Supply

    The shop is kept fully stocked with welding supplies and gasses by Volunteer Welding Supply. In fact, all our PowerBlock shops rely on Volunteer for all their welding supplies and gas requirements

    Phone: 615-256-5658
  16. Dake Drill Press

    This 2 HP, three-phase Dake hydraulic press has a double-acting cylinder, a ram with lifting eyes for the table, and rapid ram advance. With its welded heavy steel plate frame, it handles everthing we throw at it.

    Phone: 800-937-3253
  17. Dake Band Saw

    The E-16 is a heavy gauge fabrication with infinitely variable blade speed from 50 to 500 fpm. Speeds are regulated hydraulically from the front of the machine and displayed on large LED readout. The saw has a low voltage push button station, door safety interlocks, and electrical enclosure is sealed to help keep chips out. The cast wheels have replaceable bandages. Standard equipment includes interchangable guide inserts and hardened back up bearings for rigid blade guidance.

    Phone: 800-937-3253
  18. Dake Cold Saw

    The 3-speed, manual Dake 350 circular cold saw has a 14” diameter blade and cuts up 4-3/4” diameter tubing and 6-1/4” x 3-1/2” rectangles. The cold saw head rotates to 90° for slotting. It has a cam-activated vise for quick clamping and release. The large spindle and gear has an adjustable clutch to prevent over feeding the blade.

    Phone: 800-937-3253
  19. KnKut Drill Counter Display

    KnKut Performance Drills are manufactured from high grade M-7 Molybdenum high speed steel. A 135 degree split point design gives you 50% more holes per drill.

    Phone: 866-965-6588
  20. Lincoln Electric TIG Power Source

    The Invertec V205-T AC/DC is a compact, TIG power source and welder that weighs only 38-lb so it moves easily about the shop no matter the project.

    Phone: 800-992-3525
  21. Lincoln Electric Plasma Cutter

    The Pro-Cut 55 is ideal for HVAC, sheetmetal, and light plate fabrication metalworking jobs. Its 60 amps of cutting power can slice through materials up to 3/4-inch thick.

    Phone: 800-992-3525
  22. Lincoln Electric Power MIG 255C Welder

    MIG 255C is an economical, but rugged and low-splatter unit for steel, stainless, and aluminum.

    Phone: 800-992-3525